Hurt Berry Farm Nectar of the Gods

Chili Infused Honey (Hot)


Fresh unpasteurized quadruple filtered Ontario Wild Flower Honey, Ontario grown Habanero Chilies and Korean Chili Threads bring sweet heat and complex floral notes to all of your culinary creations! The flavor is like no other. A gift from the Gods.


Suggested Pairings: Butter Milk Fried Chicken, Glazed Ham, Sweet Potatoes, Desserts, Cocktails, Pancakes, Waffle and Toast, Mixed into Mustard or BBQ Sauces, Stir fries, Chicken Wings


Ingredients: Unpasteurized Ontario Wildflower Honey, Habanero, Korean Red Chili Threads.


Made In Canada

Hurt Berry Farm Nectar of the Gods

GST/HST Included